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What We Do:

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Meet Your designer

Denver Interior Designer - Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose

Stephanie is a Colorado native and loves finding inspiration from all around the world. She loves to truly breathe in the art, architecture, culture, color and vibe of all the places she travels and incorporates those feelings and elements into her eclectic design style. She loves creating spaces that are cozy but unpredictable. Etched into her foundational design style are natural elements, earthy tones, colorful textiles, bold surprises or contrast and fun textures.

 "My commitment to you is to bring your vision to life one unique design at a time."

Stephanie Rose

Principal Designer & Founder

  • Collaboration

  • Conceptualization

  • Market Research

  • Presentation

  • Implementation

  • Completion

Interior Decorations - Denver Interior Designer

The  Design Process

Meet The Team

Interior Designer - Project Manager


Project Manager

"I love being part of the SRI vision, energy and client relationships. It's a really cool thing to work with designers and take abstract ideas and make them tangible and real for clients to enjoy."



Assistant Designer

"With interior design, you're making more than just a beautiful space, you're shaping the environment to enhance everyday life. I get to create a special experience for someone to live in and enjoy everyday."

Denver Interior Design Photographer



"I love being able to capture Stephanie's vision and provide clients with images of their new space."



Administrative Assistant

"I love that I get to use my organizational and technical skills to face challenges and solve problems that ultimately result in creating lifetime design clients and relationships."

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